Constitutional and Administrative Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Richard Clements

This book helps candidates preparing for SQE1 to revise the constitutional theories and their workings in the UK, including legitimacy, the rule of law and the separation of powers. It explains how the core institutions of the state interrelate and their respective roles in the constitution. And it covers the key areas of public order, human rights and the status of EU law in the UK constitution following Brexit. Readers will have the opportunity to test their subject knowledge and relevant legal principles through multiple-choice questions in the style of the SQE assessment.


The Constitution and Conventions

Parliamentary sovereignty and parliamentary privilege

Central government and devolved institutions

The Crown and the Royal Prerogative

Legislation, primary and secondary

Public Order Law

Judicial review

Human Rights

European Union Law

Author details

Richard Clements has taught Constitutional Law at a number of universities including the University of the West of England and Exeter University. His teaching has incorporated many professional law courses and for many years he has used multiple choice questions as a method of assessment. He is the author of Complete Equity and Trusts and Questions and Answers on Constitutional and Administrative Law.

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