Ethics and Professional Conduct

Ethics and Professional Conduct

Mark Thomas

Publishing 1st November 2022. Available to pre-order from 15th October 2022. To be notified, sign up to our newsletter below.

Revise SQE Ethics and Professional Conduct provides an overview of the pervasive knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of a solicitor in practice, and will guide readers through the key rules and responsibilities by use of practice examples and experience-based scenarios. Candidates for SQE1 must be able to demonstrate their ability to act honestly and with integrity and the book sets out what this means and models behaviours. Ethics and professional conduct is assessed pervasively across SQE1, and the book begins with an overview of the SRA Principles and the Code of Conduct before dealing with the ethics and professional conduct issues as they arise in the different practice areas assessed by SQE1.


SRA Principles
SRA Code of Conduct
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Dispute Resolution (FLK 1)
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Business Practice (FLK 1)
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Criminal Practice (FLK 2)
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Wills and the Administration of Estates (FLK 2)
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Property Practice (FLK 2)
Ethics and Professional Conduct in Solicitors Accounts (FLK 2)

Author details

Mark Thomas is a non-practising barrister, and principal lecturer for student experience, specialising in criminal law, procedure and evidence. He has taught law for a number of years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including the Legal Practice Course. He has published academic textbooks in the field of criminal law and evidence and has extensive experience in writing revision-style books for law students. He is also the author of Revise SQE Criminal Law and Revise SQE Criminal Practice.

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