Solicitors’ Accounts

Solicitors’ Accounts

Tina McKee

This book enables candidates for SQE1 to develop their knowledge and understanding of Solicitors’ Accounts as assessed in the SQE1 exam. Each chapter covers relevant SRA Accounts Rules and ledger entries. Readers will have the opportunity to test and improve both their subject knowledge and their ability to apply the Accounts Rules to problem scenarios, through multiple-choice questions in the style of the SQE1 assessment. This will include the identification of appropriate ledger entries required for a range of transactions.


Introduction Client money and client account Interest; Bills VAT and transfers Conveyancing Other accounts Breaches of the SRA Accounts Rules Records and reconciliation; Accountants’ reports

Author details

Tina McKee is a Senior Lecturer in Law and Course Leader for Year 1 students on the undergraduate law courses at the University of Central Lancashire. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was an institutional nominee for a National Teaching Fellowship in 2020. She has extensive experience of teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including over 20 years of teaching accounts to law students, and is therefore adept at explaining accounting concepts and compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules in a way that is straightforward for law students to understand.

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