The Legal System and Services of England and Wales

The Legal System and Services of England and Wales

Amy Sixsmith

This book provides students with a concise and clear overview of the Legal System and Legal Services of England and Wales. Readers will be able to develop their knowledge and understanding of two of the subjects assessed as part of SQE 1: ‘The Legal System of England and Wales and Sources of Law’ and ‘Legal Services’. The text is split into two parts: the first is an overview of the court structure in England and Wales and examines the sources of law, and the second explores the regulation of legal services in England and Wales. The guide gives students the opportunity to test both their subject knowledge and their ability to identify and apply relevant legal principles and rules appropriately to problem scenarios, through multiple-choice questions in the style of the SQE assessment.


The Court Structure of England and Wales

Sources of Law: Legislation

Statutory Interpretation

Sources of Law: Case Law

The Regulation of Legal Services

Overriding Legal Obligations

Financial Services

Funding Options for Legal Services

Author details

Amy Sixsmith is a senior lecturer in law and LL.B programme leader at the University of Sunderland. She was one of the academic leads responsible for transforming the University’s LL.B course to help prepare students for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination. She has taught law for 12 years and has taught the English legal system to both law and non-law students.

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