Trusts Law

Trusts Law

Joyce Liew Mouawad

This book provides readers with an understanding of the core legal principles and rules relating to equity and trusts as required by the SQE, and covers all the key areas of Functioning Legal Knowledge to be assessed. It helps candidates develop the ability to analyse, interpret and answer multiple-choice questions. There are practical examples of such questions throughout the text coupled with clear explanations and helpful tips on the best approach to answering questions correctly.


The Three Certainties

Formalities for the Creation of Trusts

Constitution of Trusts

Exceptions to the Maxim that Equity will not assist a Volunteer

Beneficial Entitlement

Purpose Trusts: Charitable Trusts and Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts

Resulting Trusts

Constructive Trusts and the Liability of Strangers to the Trust

Trusts of the Family Home

Appointment, Removal & Retirement of Trustees

Trustees’ Duties, including Fiduciary Duty

Trustees’ Powers

The Liability of Trustees

Remedies for Breach of Trust

Author details

Joyce Liew Mouawad is a non-practising barrister, lecturer in law and module leader, specialising in equity & trusts and land law. She has taught for 25 years at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including in-house CPD courses and University of London LLB External revision courses both in the UK and abroad. She has published academic textbooks in the field of equity & trusts, land law and wills & administration of estates, and has considerable experience in writing revision-style books for law students.

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