Helping you revise

Throughout each of the books we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to focus on what you need to revise, how best to spend your time in preparing for the assessment, and how to apply and test your knowledge. The authors have used a range of approaches to help you keep on track and ensure you’re ready for the day of the assessment.
Each chapter will include the following features, guiding you through the subject and giving you the confidence to tackle the multiple-choice questions.


Make sure you know


Each chapter begins with an overview of the main topics covered and why you need to understand it for the purpose of the SQE 1 assessments.
SQE assessment advice This identifies what you need to pay particular attention to in your revision as you work through the chapter.
What do you know already? These questions help you assess where you feel confident and which topics you may need to spend a bit more time on (and to find them in the chapter).
Key terms Key terms are highlighted in bold where they first appear and are defined in a separate box. 
Exam warnings These offer advice on where it’s possible to go wrong in the assessments.  
Revision tips Throughout the chapters you’ll find ideas to help you revise and be best prepared for the assessment.
Summaries These handy boxes bring together key information, making it easy to revise and remember.
Practice examples These take a similar format to SQE-style questions and provide an opportunity to understand how content might be applied to a scenario.  
Procedural links Where relevant, these show how a concept might apply to another procedural topic in the series. 
Key point checklist At the end of each chapter there is a bullet-point summary of its most important aspects. 
Key terms and concepts These are listed at the end of each chapter to help ensure you know, or can revise, terms and concepts you’ll need to be familiar with for the assessments.  
SQE-style questions Five test-standard questions on the chapter topic give you an opportunity to test your knowledge.
Answers to questions Check how you did with answers to both the quick-knowledge test from the start of the chapter, and the SQE-style questions at the end of the chapter.  
Key cases, rules, statutes and instruments  A list of the key sources you need to be familiar with for the SQE assessment.