Legal Authorities

You’ll need to be familiar with a limited number of specific legal authorities for the SQE and we’ll ensure that you know what they are and their significance.
The SQE1 Assessment Specification states the following in respect of legal authorities and their relevance to SQE1:  
“On occasion in legal practice a case name or statutory provision, for example, is the term normally used to describe a legal principle or an area of law, or a rule or procedural step (eg Rylands v Fletcher, CPR Part 36, Section 25 notice). In such circumstances, candidates are required to know and be able to use such case names, statutory provisions etc. In all other circumstances candidates are not required to recall specific case names, or cite statutory or regulatory authorities.” 
The Revise SQE Table of Legal Authorities (see example below) in each book will identify the legal authorities you are required to know for the purpose of the SQE1 Functioning Legal Knowledge assessments.